Description of how typical approach on pain management and the cause of Pain. Explained on how massage may help with pain management.

Massage Therapy For Pain Management


At some point of our lives, each of us will most likely experience some minor to severe pain. The cause can be from injury, illness, or unknown causes. Our body sends pain signal to warn us that something is wrong and out of harmony.


Some people choose to take painkiller and/or muscle relaxant to dull the pain. It is helpful to reduce the symptoms. Taking medications would not treat the root cause. It’s like hitting a snooze button. The alarm will keep remind you that there is something wrong. That’s why the pain may get worse or they have to take their medications everyday. There are also the unwanted side effects from the pills which may further compromise our health and organ functions.


Surgery is another popular approach to reduce the pain and it is highly effective. It could be expensive and there is always a risk with a procedure.


The cause of pain:

  1. Everyday wear and tear
  2. Physical trauma such as auto accidents, and sports injures.
  3. Emotional trauma
  4. Poor choice of food and beverage
  5. Stress

Is massage therapy able to help on reducing the pain?

Yes, massage therapy is able to reduce the muscle tension. When the muscles are relaxed, they will not exert extra force on the nerve and circulatory system. When the nerve is not being pinched, the reduction of pain is achieved. When the circulatory system is not being restricted, more nutrients can be delivered to the site. Also, the cellular waste, toxin, is able to be carried to be disposed. We are able to observe the benefits of massage therapy: reduction of pain, increased metabolic rate, decrease of edema, and normalized blood pressure. For more information on massage therapy for pain management, here is a link to American Massage Therapy Association.


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