Nutritional Supplements:

Not all supplements are created equal. We have spent our time researching for good supplements with high absorption rate. That means the body is able to take the nutrients in the system and ready to be used. We help people to see what they need in their quest for their health goals. Most of the time, we do need to plan a time to go through what they are taking and see what their body needs. Here is a link to the supplements that have improved the lives of many, including Sandy and Kevin. 

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Nutritional Supplements online:

Throughout the years of practicing, people ask us if we can do anything on suggesting herbal supplements to someone we have never see in person. The person who might need help could just be their neighbor or the person they just talked to at a grocery store. Here is a link for those who would like to help those who are too far from our clinic. It is a little computer program that is designed to ask the person you care about with their health. Then, it will suggest what they need depends on their answers towards the questions. 

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Oriental Herbs:

We carry Plum Flower patent herbal formulas from Mayway Co. We are able to order powder and raw herbs form Mayway for specific needs.

Also. we can customize the herbal formula for the need of the specific clients with different health project.

There are 3 forms of Chinese herbs: pills, powders, and raw herbs.

Pills: it’s very easy to take and there is hardly any taste to them.

Powders: It comes from grinding up raw herbs and it’s more potent than the pill form. The taste can be interesting and most of the people like to put them in capsules.

Raw herbs: The decoction or soup cook from a batch of raw herbs is the most potent form. It can be consumed orally or it can be used as topical wash. Raw herbs are also the most common form to make herbal teas.

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